FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION - Who Are the Gods in Your Universes?

The Circle of Magic and The Circle Opens

gods of the Living Circle:

Mila of the Grain - Earth goddess of cultivated lands and crops, spinner and weaver
Green Man - Earth god of vigorous, chaotic, sometimes destructive growth
Asaia - Bird-Winged Air goddess of birds, intellect, achievement, striving
Tuhengri Stormlord - Air god of storms, winds, weather
Shurri Firesword - Fire goddess of war, defense, law, justice, martial arts
Hakkoi the Smith - Fire god of smiths, volcanoes, earthquakes
Yanna Healtouch - Water goddess of healing and love
Runog of the Deep - Water god of the oceans, rivers, and streams

Trader gods

Trader Koma - god of the open road, the great steersman, supreme negotiator
Bookkeeper Oti - goddess who keeps the record of life with its debts and credits

gods popular around the Pebbled Sea

Lakik the Trickster - god of thieves, mischief, luck
Onini - goddess of flower sellers, orange girls, hairdressers, entertainers
Urda - goddess of midwives and healers not temple affiliated
Harrier the Clawed - patron of law enforcement workers

Yanjing gods

Heibei the Lucky -  god of humor and luck
Kanzan the Merciful - goddess of healing

Chammuri gods

Lailan of the Rain - goddess of healing and water
Mohun - god of silence, stone, dark and secret places
Shaihun - god of desert, winds, sandstorms, serious mischief and destruction

Namornese gods

Yorgiry - goddess of healing and war
Baion - white god of ice, cold, death
Eilig - goddess of spring
Griantein - goddess of forgiveness
Qunoc - goddess of motherhood & fertility
Sythuthan - trickster god of the Syth
Vrohain - the god of judgments and justice


Deiina - goddess of entertainers, patroness of Khapik
Ngohi - fertility goddess, west of Tharios
All-Seeing, the - head of Tharios pantheon, god of judgment and debts
Thanos - god of the dead

The Tortall Universe - The Song of the Lioness/The Immortals/The Protector of the Small quartets, and TRICKSTER'S CHOICE/TRICKSTER'S QUEEN

Divine Realms: home of the gods, immortals, Dragonlands
Living Realms: mortal earth
Peaceful Realms: kingdom of the dead

First Powers: (both are parents to the Great Gods)

Father Universe - created the realms

Mother Flame - created light, stars, death

Three Sorrows: (housed in Divine Realms but not gods in themselves, rather forces brought into the Mortal Realms by human excess)

  • Malady

  • Starvation

  • Slaughter

The Great Gods:

Great Mother Goddess, the - Three aspects: Maiden, Mother, Hag
Titles: Mother of Mountains, Mother of Waters, Mother of Mares
goddess of crops, weaving, spinning, women, childbirth, offenses against women, children
with Mithros, chief goddess of pantheon

Mithros - sun-god, brother-consort to Goddess
god of mage-craft, war, law, fire
with the Goddess, chief god of pantheon

Black God - the god of death, ruler of Peaceful Realms

Crooked God - god of thieves in Eastern Lands (another name for Kyprioth the Trickster)

Smith's God - god of all smiths, coopers, wainwrights

Gainel - also called the Master of Dream, the Dream King, Dreamer
he has one foot in Chaos, one foot in Divine Realms
he is the only Great God who cannot leave divine realms or chaos, can only send his messengers (dreams)

Kyprioth the Trickster - chief of the trickster gods and patron god of the Copper Isles
Wind god of all the winds in the Emerald Ocean (including Copper Isles and Yamani Islands)

Carthak: (in addition to the Great Gods)

Mynoss - the judge of the underworld and the dead

Shakith - blind goddess of seers

Graveyard Hag - patron goddess of Carthak, rules over graveyards, gambling, practical jokes
sacred animals: hyena, rat
silver dice cup (she cheats)

Jihuk - master of deep desert winds and demons, central Carthak

Banjiku gods: (southeastern Carthak)

Lushagui - goddess who bore them and gave them three gifts: to bind men to beast-people, to know gods, and to be slaves (this last is open to interpretation)

Kidunka - male, the world-snake (wraps around the world), all-wise, Lushagui's brother

K'mir tribes of northern Sarain:

Father Storm and Mother Fire -gave birth to the world and the stars, parents of
The Four Horse-Lords:

  • Bian North-wind -  goddess of trade, sleep, horses (she gave birth to horses), fertility

  • Chavi West-wind - goddess of cleansing, belief or religion, music, marriage

  • Vau East-wind - god of creation (helped Bian to give birth to horses), travel, strength, truth

  • Shai South-wind - god of magic, volcanoes, sex, healing

Grandmother Stone - goddess of age and time

Yamani Islands:

Yama - patron goddess, created the Yamani Islands, goddess of childbirth and rice

Wave-Walker - sea goddess, goddess of mercy, can banish storms and keep ships safe (also another name for the Goddess in northwestern Tortall)

Sakuyo - benevolent Yamani trickster god, god of jokes and pranks

Galla/Scanra/northeastern Tortall:

Weiryn - minor god of the hunt and the forest in northeastern Tortall and in Galla and Scanra; a god who's one with mountain forests (Daine's father)

Green Lady - northwestern Galla, a goddess of healing, childbirth, and wells (Daine's mother)

Yahzed - minor god of righteousness and repentance

Copper Isles, the:

Gunapi the Sunrose - raka goddess of war and molten rock 


Uusoae - Queen of Chaos, disrule, uncertainty, imagination, destruction that leads to change and new growth, new opportunities

Gatekeepers - Discord, Violence

Animal gods:

  • Badger - badger god, doesn't particularly care to have a name

  • Mother Brock - badger goddess

  • Old White - wolf god

  • Night Black - wolf goddess

  • Queenclaw - cat goddess

  • Bitebone - cat god

  • Chrrik - marmoset male god

  • Preet - marmoset female god

  • Broad Foot - male duckmole god

  • Paddlebill - female duckmole god

  • Ghostwing - goddess of the great horned owls

  • Nighteyes - god of the great horned owls

  • Dawn Crow - crow god

  • Sky - crow goddess

  • Ssitak - striped skink goddess

  • Shhess - striped skink god

  • Lord Mauler - crocodile god

  • Crunchbone - crocodile goddess

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